Website Progress Updates

The new Hubbell Power Systems web experience is part of a One Hubbell initiative to bring over 80 brands together under a single web structure capitalizing on navigation ease, robust product information and responsive design. 

Although the structure and organization is different, the new website offers more product information which will be updated more quickly now and well into the future – providing you the most accurate information possible. Thank you for your continued support as we work to build a website that will be easier to use. We promise. Sign up to receive updates on improvements we’re making through the form on the right! 

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Most recent updates as of 6/8/2018:

New Functionalities and Fixes

  • All PDFs Opening as New Windows
  • Product Detail Page - Better Format for Printing
  • Product Detail Page – Available videos will show as a thumbnail in the photo carousel at the top of the page.
  • Product List Page – Table View
    • Click Third icon (3 x 3 grid)
    • Locks Catalog Number column
    • Column Attributes are Sortable
  • Product List Page – Sort Options Maintained Across Multiple Pages
  • Product List Page – All Facet Values Use Alpha Numeric Sort
  • Search List Page and “Quick View” – Lowest Level Product Categories are added below Products to get Users to the full list of “Like” Products
  • Main Search – Search Now Ignores Dashes – This helps when users misuse or don’t know when to use dashes in product numbers
  • Resource Search Tool – Resources are Alpha Sorted Automatically
  • Resource Search Tool – Search Bar looks for partial keyword matches

Product Information Update

  • Tickets Closed – 980+ (Since August 2017)
  • Over 26,000 products with Sales Drawings
  • Over 105,000 Products with Representative Images; Over 5500 SKU Level Photos
  • Only 5% of Products do not have a representative image

Upcoming Additions/Changes

  • Product List Page – Table View
    • Print Capabilities
    • Select & Compare Products
  • Product Images
    • Annotation whenever an image is representative of the product category and not specific to the SKU
  • Category Pages
    • General category information displayed at the top of the page with a relative link