White Paper: Seismic Vulnerability of High Voltage Bushings

Long-Term Mechanical Performance

Forty-two states within the United States are highly susceptible to earthquakes and the majority of the US electric utilities may not be prepared. In 2015, Oklahoma experienced more than 1,000 earthquakes measuring at least 3.0 in magnitude. Oklahoma is now the most seismically active state in the continental US and does not have the typical ground fault line like states such a California or Tennessee.

Seismologists believe the frequent earthquakes are the result of wastewater injection wells used by the gas and oil industry which can cover up to 65% of the US territory. During a seismic event, severe damage can occur in generation, transmission and distribution systems including electrical switches, power transformers, circuit breakers, high voltage bushings and other critical equipment.

Download our white paper, Seismic Vunerability of High Voltage Bushings, to discover the importance of seismic bushings.

Seismic Vulnerability of High Voltage Bushings