White Paper: Automatic Splices

Reduce Errors with the SureFit™ Automatic Splice

"Automatic splices have significantly improved since they were first released in the 1930’s. Like any connector, installation is the most important factor and can positively impact performance and reliability when done properly. To date automatic splices are the fastest and most economical way to splice a conductor. Now, they have become the “go- to” connector for storm restoration because of the simplicity of installation." - Seydou Diop, Manager Product Engineering


Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) introduces the SureFit™ series of aluminum automatic splices. This state of the art technology features deploying funnel guides, reducing partial insertion issues. And with the smoothest insertion among the competition, SureFit™ automatic splice provides quick and easy installation that you can touch, see, and hear.


  • Innovative design to help reduce partial insertion issues
  • Funnel guides deploy upon full conductor engagement
  • Jaws remain in place until conductor is fully inserted
  • Simple, smooth installation
  • Available in standard and corrosion resistant versions

Download our white paper to learn more about the SureFit™ automatic splices.