PCORE® Bushing Repair Services


Let PCORE® Electric repair your transformer or oil circuit breaker bushings within weeks to get your substation operational again. PCORE’s bushing repair capabilities include the regasket and/or recore of almost all IEEE bushing manufacturer’s bushings where finished repairs include recertification and a new PCORE manufacturer’s warranty.

Benefits of bushing repair include:

Bushing Repair Lead Times

  • PCORE is able to perform emergency regasket repair on bulk type bushings in 2-3 weeks. They can perform a recore and regasket on a 230kV bushing in 10-12 Weeks. Regardless of the bushing size or technology, bushing repair options are typically much faster to complete than the lead times associated with replacement bushings.

Dimensionally Interchangeable

  • New replacement bushings require comparative analysis and often times special modifications and adaptors to match dimensions – not required with bushing repair.

Bushing Repair is Economical

  • Many component parts such as porcelain, flanges, conductors, etc. on the original bushing can be reused which bring up to a 45% savings with bushing repair versus bushing replacement. 

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