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Build high capacity piles with CHANCE® heavy construction solutions

Learn how the CHANCE Drivecast™ screw displacement pile utilizes soil displacement to efficiently provide high capacity without a high mast rig, producing predictable results.

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Benefits of screw displacement pile technology

Perfect for limited access sites or areas with low overhead, this sectional, driven pile provides added capacity with efficient, predictable results. In addition our piles provide:

  • Lower mobilization costs
  • Efficient and predictable high capacity
  • Higher production than traditional auger cast piles
  • Can be installed with smaller (non-specialized) equipment
  • Minimal site disturbance
  • Ideal in limited access/low overhead areas
  • No vibrations or spoils
  • Avoid overhead and underground obstructions
Benefits of screw displacement pile technology
Drivecast piles construct high capacity in limited access areas

Drivecast piles provide high capacity

As a proven engineered system, bearing and side resistance is combined to bring a high capacity solution to a wide variety of applications for new construction, heavy highway, tanks/sewer, pipelines and commercial/industrial buildings.

Construct a high capacity pile, simply by installing the Drivecast pile to the required depth while maintaining a grout reservoir. Gravity naturally pulls down the grout into the void created by the displacement assembly, creating a high capacity composition pile.

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