Keeping You Operational

Selecting a Bushing Replacement

HPS power apparatus bushings are designed and tested to stay in operation on average of 50+ years. Typically, a bushing used under normal operating conditions may only need to be replaced when it simply outlives its life expectancy and if problems occur such as deteriorated gaskets or a change in power factor or capacitance.  

Routine and preventative maintenance is always suggested to keep bushings in the best of condition. HPS manufactures over 2,500 different bushing designs covering three different bushing technologies up through 500kV. When it is time to replace your original manufacturers bushings, contact us and we will get you started!

  • Transformer-Breaker Interchangeable (TBI) bushings
  • High performance seismic capabilities
  • Available per IEEE C57.19.01, CSA C88.1, IEC 60137 and DIN 48124 bushing standards

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Bushing Replacement Presentation